Monday, December 13, 2010

Has it really been that long?

Wow! I can't believe our last post was almost a month ago! There has been a lot happening in these past weeks, which is probably why there's been no post. I feel like we've been out of town a lot in the past few weeks and of course the holidays. Ava met her Aunt and Uncle over Thanksgiving as well as her 2 cousins! That was so fun to see her with them.

We were even able to get a 5 generation picture with Chris' great grandmother who is 101!

We just got back from Mall of America in Minnesota with our friends Matt and Rhiannon. That was tons of fun even though they got the worst blizzard they'd seen in 20 years while we were there. The last 2 nights we were there, the wind chill factors were like -16! Ava was all bundled up and probably the warmest one of all of us with her layers of clothes next to our body heat and under our coats as well! She did wonderful in the car up there and learned to really sleep in her stroller while we were there. We couldn't believe how big the MOA really was! 3 floors of shopping and a 4th floor with several restaurants, and a good sized amusement park (25 rides and at least 3 large roller coasters). We had Ava's picture with Santa taken there, she loved Santa and they had a great conversation; although I'm not sure what they talked about.

For Christmas we will be traveling to Tennessee to visit my side of the family. Many of them have not yet met Ava, so that will be very fun and exciting! I can't imagine what runs through her little head as she meets all these new faces!

Ava has great head control now and sits in her bumbo well (not sure how much she likes the bumbo, but nevertheless). She is all smiles in the morning and has begun to giggle every now and again! We love watching her grow and seems that each day brings something new! In the past couple of days she's started sticking out her tongue at us, that's rather funny! Also in the past 4-5 days she's started teething, which I think in the grand scheme of what teething can be, she's doing well. She had her 4 month check up today along with a couple of shots, which she took like a champ! We are continuing to breastfeed 3-4 times a day and she is really beginning to get the hang of things. She is latching on much easier and seems to much quieter during the feed. Of course, Daddy still feeds her a couple times of day and loves to read to her. He loves to come home and hang out with Ava and talk to her quite a bit, they are so cute together!

Seems this month has been full of blessings and firsts! I pray that as we go into this Christmas season, you will reflect on the best blessing of all--our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is after all the reason for the season which often gets lost in the gift buying and bustle of the holidays. How thankful I am that such great blessings start in little packages! Merry Christmas!


Beth said...

Love reading about Ava's firsts! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Hilary said...

I love these pictures of Ava meeting your family. How awesome!

The Jesters said...

I love her photos with Santa - her outfit is so cute! We went to a mall in Edmonton, Canada that claimed to be the "biggest mall in North America," so it may have the Mall of America beat. It was huge, too, and they had an amusement park & separate water park inside. Probably because it's so cold there most of the year, so they can't have those things outside.