Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas, National Championship, and Milestones

Well, again I find that we have been so busy, and thus the blogging has been neglected. Man, I wish I were better at this. Well, let's see, we've had Christmas and Ava has been sick since 2 days before Christmas. Mom, then got Ava's sickness 2 days later. While I'm better outside of a lingering cough, I can't say the same for Ava. Amazingly though, she is still her sweet, fun self for the most part. I really don't think she knows what a bad mood is!

Christmas in TN was a ton of fun! Ava met her Uncle Mark for the first time as well as several cousins, great aunts, great grandparents, and of course saw Mimi, Paw Paw, and Papa! Her first Christmas was even a white one!!! TN got snow and it was so beautiful! She got to see deer and wild turkeys outside Mimi's window too!

Chris and I went to see Auburn play in the BCS National Championship game--and WIN!!!! That was a trip of a lifetime and we had so much fun! We met up with my best friend, Audra, and a couple of my friends from college, Kat and Brent Curtis. The atmosphere was unlike anything, so electric and so fun! We went to Tigerwalk only to find out the crowd was so big the team couldn't get through. I got on top of Chris' shoulders and it was blue and orange as far as the eye could see. I've never been so overwhelmed with people to say War Eagle to since I was in Auburn! I relish those moments to say War Eagle now that I'm out of the South and most people around here don't even know where Auburn is much less what War Eagle means!

While we were gone to Phoenix, Nana and Papa Earhart kept Ava and she rolled over! So sad we missed it, but she has reached a new milestone and has rolled over several times since. I wouldn't say she's discovered as a mode of transportation yet, but I'm sure she will soon!

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fantigrossi said...

I love the video... keep them coming! She is so precious!