Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Update with the LC

Well today was my date with the lactation consultant. I actually called last week to set this up, and prior to her latching on. But I decided we should go anyway, because I figured there is room for improvement and I did have a few questions.

She was very nice and easy to talk to. And as odd as I thought it might be to breastfeed in front of a stranger, she made it comfortable. She was quite surprised to see how well Ava was doing and in her words, didn't have any suggestions. She did give me some resources for getting some nursing wear, as I can't find anything in my size at a reasonable price. So looking forward to see what it yields.

At any rate, Ava is improving with her latch day by day and I think she enjoys nursing. I'm beginning to be able to relax once she is latched on, which is making it more enjoyable for me as well. So thanks for the prayers as we continue on our journey!

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