Sunday, October 17, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane!!!

Well, I'm late posting this, but it seems it has been a whirlwind since we received the call. What call?! The call to travel to pick up Ava, of course!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday morning we received a call from Ted saying that our first court documents had arrived and he was going to call AIT to get an interview date set. Tuesday night we received an email that our AIT interview was set for Thursday October 27th! First thing Wednesday morning we contact our travel agent and started the all day long process to book flights to Taiwan!

We will leave for Taiwan on Saturday night the 23rd and arrive in Taiwan Monday morning the 25th (arrival is Taiwan time, it's Sunday night here in the States). We will be holding our baby girl, Ava, by mid morning Monday!!!! Oh the long awaited bliss of that morning!

Since then we have been packing, calling family, arranging for our dogs to be cared for, setting up someone to take us to the airport, finalizing work schedules, turning in FMLA papers, and a million other things! What a joy and a blessing it is to finally be doing all those activites! I must admit though, that now that it's sinking in that we will have our little one, I'm starting to freak out a little. In a good way of course. How in the world do you begin to prepare for parenthood and the rest of your life with this tiny little miracle?! I just can't wait! I've also been super emotional, I cry just listening to the radio. Man, I feel crazy!

Can't wait for our next post with Ava in our arms! Blessings and praises to the One and Only!

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April Lewis said...

What an exciting time! I know you guys will soak in every minute of it, and will always look back at it with tremendous joy. So excited for you guys! Have a great trip. Can't wait for your next trip to NC…with little Miss Ava!