Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Labor Pains

Hello everyone! By now you've probably figured out that we are here in Taiwan! The plane ride here I liken to labor pains. It was a long flight, and I got very little sleep (Chris, of course, slept fine). Once we landed in Taipei we started the drive THOGL--I consider this the pushing portion. As we turned down the driveway to the home, I felt the rush of adrenaline and excitement! We were about to meet our little girl, Ava, for the first time!!!!

We got out to the car, opened the door to the orphanage, the workers were all lined up on the couch with the babies and one baby in a walker, and the other on in a bumbo seat on the floor. I start working my way down the line Ava! Where is Ava, where is she?! Almost in unison, they all said she's behind you! I turned around and there she was, sleeping, so precious. Oh how much I wanted to pick her up and love on her!!!! But being the good mommy, knowing sleep is important, I just stared at her--then, everyone said, go ahead pick her up! So I picked her up and she popped open those precious eyes and stared at me! Words cannot describe that feeling! I tear up all over again just thinking about it!!! What a wonderful, precious, unforgetable moment!

Then I handed her to Chris to hold....what a natural Daddy he is! He's great with her, and I love watching them snuggle! She's going to be a little Daddy's girl, I can already tell!

I will post more on our journey later, but for now, know we are loving every minute with precious Ava and she is a wonderful baby!


The Friend Family said...

WOW~ crying... so sweet! What are your next plans? depareture? Does Ava come with you? Praying for precious moments & incredible memories! Take tons of pics, I don`t know about everyone else but dying to see pics!

audra.gibson said...

Love it. The analogy girl approves. So glad to have a little insight into your first moments with her. Looking forward to meeting her too!

Andrew said...

that must have been a great moment for you guys. what an answer to prayer. the only downside is that we couldn't have been there. everyone here is anxiously awaiting you guys to get back.