Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Baby Shower in Joplin

We went to Joplin, MO this weekend for two events! Saturday was a THOGL picnic where multiple families who have adopted from THOGL get together for fellowship. Sunday was Lillian's baby shower. Both were so much fun! It was wonderful to connect with everyone and to meet some very special people as well!

We we able to met Russell and Kristi Ball who were instrumental in our adoption journey. They followed God's leading and shared with David and Vicki about THOGL, which in turn was relayed to us. Thus our journey to bringing Lillian home begins! What a blessing they are to us, and in so many ways, we will not be able to repay them! It was such an encouraging time for us! During the shower there was a prayer time for Lillian, THOGL, and other adoptive families and their process.

It was a good weekend! My best friend, Audra, also came in and surprised me for the shower! We were driving to Joplin Friday night after I got off work. We stopped at a gas station in Kansas City and out she pops with a flashlight in my window! Scared me to death, I thought it was the police, but was so excited when I realized it was her! She stayed all weekend and then went back to Charleston yesterday. She painted a picture for Lillian's room too!

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Em said...

You guys are GLOWING! I love hearing and seeing all the updates on sweet baby Lillian!!