Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And the Date is.....

Well, an answer to prayer finally arrived today! We are super excited to announce that Lillian's court date is set for August 19th at 11am Taiwan time (August 18th 10pm our time)!!! We are another step closer to bringing precious Lillian home! This also helps us gage when we get to travel to pick her up. It looks like it will be mid to late September. Possibly even the week of our anniversary--Happy Anniversary to us! Could it possibly even get better than getting a baby for your anniversary?!

So here are a couple of prayer requests...
1) Pray that the birthmother shows up to the court date
2) Pray that the birthmother's heart would be prepared for signing the papers to forfeit parental rights (that has to be so hard)
3) Pray for our peace in the process
4) Pray that we get the "fast" judge, so our paperwork comes quickly
5) Pray for the AIT interview to be set quickly after the last set of paperwork arrives from the court. (The AIT interview must be set before we can travel--it is the interview that allows Lillian to obtain her visa to come to the US.)
6) Pray for the health of Lillian and the workers at THOGL

As always, your prayers are precious and coveted. We are so thankful for everyone who is walking this journey with us and the encouragement you give! Blessings!


The Jesters said...

I just prayed down through your list! It's so exciting knowing when your baby is "due"! :)

Alicia said...

Congratulations Earhart family, you are one step closer to your precious Lillian! We will continually lift you up to our Heavenly Father who is holding the three of you in the palm of His hand.

Wendy said...

So excited for all three of you! Praying you through the process!

Danielle said...

We left ON our 9th anniversary to pick up Gabriella...so it's not out of the question! Our anniversary was only about 6 hours after we crossed the international dateline, but oh well! We'll be praying on the 18th. So excited for you guys!
~The Gysen's x3