Monday, April 30, 2012

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

My how time flies!  Little Ava is, well, not so little anymore.  At least it seems that way.  She is going on 21 months now and a very busy girl!  In so many ways she is easy to entertain and at the same time, some days I find it difficult to find something for her to do.  And so my Pinterest obsession started.  I had alot of friends getting on there and finally I checked it out for myself.  I have not been able to stay away since!  It started with a few toddler ideas, then recipes, then clothes, then home ideas, get the idea.

Anyway my little lovebug, as I call her, really loves to help these days.  Anything we do, she wants to do--wash her hands, throw away trash, carry the laundry hamper, put her clothes in the hamper, put her diapers in the diaper pail, etc.  It's quite cute really.  Sometimes it does create some challenges, for instance cooking dinner and keeping her occupied or helping with the little things.  I know they say cooking with them at this age is great, but I have not mastered the art yet.  (Also it doesn't help that I hate big messes, which cooking with a toddler usually creates.)

We've had some great weather recently, an early spring really.  It's been so fun as Ava is loving playing outside and exploring!  She loves to go on walks riding her tricycle or wagon.  She loves slides and swinging at the playground.  She also loves watching the birds at the birdfeeder, watching Daddy mow the grass, chasing bubbles, and "painting" the deck (as you can see in the picture).

Miss Ava also has a quickly expanding vocabulary.  She's not talking alot yet, but it seems daily there are new words, this past week anyway.  Her favorite word is "hot", all food is hot and she will blow on it to cool it off.  "Arf, Arf" for dog is the best!  She will see a dog (although not our dogs) and start saying "arf, arf" repeatedly.  "Whoo Whoo" for owl, and she loves seeing them in books!  Yesterday we were driving home and she was fascinated with her shoes and kept saying "shoe", then she point to it, held up her foot and said "off"!  So cute, so I took it off and she thought that was so funny.  Today she said "ball" while we were playing with all different colored balls.  Some other things she says are "ah oh, duck, baa baa, moo, go, mine, duck, mama, dada" and I think there are some others that I can't think of right now.  Of course she understands a ton more than what she can say!

Daily I am amazed at God's blessings!  I'm so thankful for Ava and the pure joy she brings to our home!!!  She is so precious, sweet, beautiful, smart, and fun!!!  I just love her snuggles, all her hugs and kisses!  My biggest wish is that I could slow it all down a little!

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The Jesters said...

I love reading all about beautiful Ava & the fun things she's learning at this stage of life. What a precious gift she is to you & Chris!