Sunday, August 29, 2010

Birthday Gift....

Well, my birthday was Thursday the 26th. Chris took me to St.Louis, we made a Build-A-Bear for Ava and went to PF Changs. I LOVE PF Changs!!! But the best part was my gift. It definitely ranks up there with one of the best gifts I've ever received.

A little background first.... The year I got saved, my Mom gave me a Study Bible. I loved that Bible! It was my first real study Bible after I got saved. I had written special dates in it, I had my notes in the margins, I had written prayers in it that were very personal to me, I had written my list of characteristics I wanted in a husband in it (along with dates and specific guys I had prayed about). It was just very precious and sentimental to me. Well after we were married, I left it up on the kitchen table one day. I came home and the dogs had somehow gotten it off the table and ripped the cover off of it and the first several pages out of it, along with a whole section in the middle that while was intact, was ripped away from the binding. I was so sad and I was devastated. I couldn't bring myself to throw it away, so it's been sitting in a drawer in my nightstand for these almost 6 years.

After we ordered dinner, he gave me my gift. I opened it and it was a brown leather bound book that snapped together in the front. I unsnapped it to find my precious, sentimental Bible rebound with all but 10 or so original pages from the front that could not be repaired/replaced. All my notes, all my prayers, everything there, rebound. Oh I can't even describe how wonderful it was, it brought me to tears. Great gift!!! (My Christopher has always been a good gift giver!) He had 4 place maker ribbons put in it for me. If you could see my current Bible, I have weird things in it to mark various places in scripture I like to go back to or am reading frequently at the time. So thoughtful! Man! Do I have a catch or what!!!!

Dedicated to my forever love, Christopher!
Love you babe, Amy

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